Importance of Early Childhood Care and Education

According to developmental psychologist Jean Piaget, he suggests that the logic of children is completely different from that of adults. He believed that children move through four stages of development between infancy and adolescence. The four stages incorporated in his theory are sensorimotor stage, perioperational stage, concrete operation stage and formal operation stage. The domains associated with these stages are the child’s physical, social, intellectual, creative and emotions which influence the way the child thinks and talks.

Early childhood care and education was introduced to help parents better understand their childcare development ┬áskills ; by this we mean their motor and cognitive skills coherently. The programme aims at exploring the child’s learning and developmental capabilities, as well as it builds a stronger foundation of the skills that they possess.

This programme is vital as it allows the child to build and form new relationships with their peers and family members rather than be quiet and shy. Secondly, exposing the child to various stimulants encourages them to ask more questions for a better understanding of how the world works.

Apart from that, it is important for the child to be able to differentiate what is right and wrong, as these days there are increasing events of children being abused and neglected by adults. In most of these cases, the child is unable to speak up because of fear of their parents and their lack of education. Hence, this will help curb and reduce the incidence of child abuse in the country because the child will have moral and ethical values inculcated.

This level of education has been emphasised by the education authorities in many countries around the globe. Parents should be responsible to enroll the child for early childhood education, so that the transition into primary school will be much easier for the child. The child will be able to cope better in school and they will be able to do well in their exams. This in turn will improve the socioeconomic development of the country. Childcare centers locations

In a nutshell, early childhood education and care is necessary for the improvement of the child in every way. Apart from the preschool teachers, parents should be involved in their child’s development in order to create a conducive environment for the child and improve the understanding between the parent and child.

by Anna Peacocks

Creating A Daycare Director’s Meeting Agenda

Daycare directors have an opportunity and responsibility to plan for the day when they will no longer be responsible for their child care program. Part of this responsibility lied in planning and executing a staff development training program that will guide the staff into their own leadership roles.

One easy and inexpensive way to do this is to help each staff member become aware of the duties and responsibilities associated with their job slot at the child care center. Being familiar with each role is like learning the business from the ground up. It’s difficult to understand the problems of an assistant teacher if you’ve never been one or never really listened to one express concerns.

The director’s regular meeting times with staff provide an excellent vehicle to help staff develop critical skills in observation, listening, and organizing thoughts that can be presented to fellow workers. Generally the director reserves the leadership role for herself. She sets the agenda, paces the meeting, and knows when to re-direct the conversation. She’s in charge.

But what if staff members had a chance to sit in for the director? After all, they’ve been sitting through these meetings weekly so it should be an easy task. And, some staff members might welcome the opportunity to improve upon the meetings.

So, the substitute director, really a staff member who might be a lead teacher, assistant teacher, clerical worker, or custodian, will need some help in the basic organization of such a meeting. Here are a few things the director can suggest.

1. Decide when and where the meeting will take place. Sounds easiest enough but the substitute director will soon learn that you can’t please everyone. And, now the decision has to be made: who do I please and what will it mean if I change to accommodate one staff member? What signal does that give to other staff members?

2. How long should the meeting be? How long can it be? If the meeting is taking place during a break time there may be automatic limits set. However, if the meeting is to be after school or on a weekend, how long will this take.

3. Is the meeting mandatory? If the meeting is mandatory, why? The staff will want to know what benefit they will be getting out of a mandatory meeting and it won’t be satisfactory to say, “It’s mandatory because I said so.” or “It’s mandatory to comply with a regulation.” The substitute director will need to help the staff understand the personal benefit to them to make this meeting a positive event.

4. What if any disciplinary action will be taken if a staff member does not attend a mandatory meeting? Or, translated, if I don’t come what’s going to happen to me?

5. What will be on the agenda? Will the substitute director develop the meeting agenda alone, or will the substitute director ask for input from the staff? How will the director retain control over agenda requests that are inappropriate?

6. How will the substitute director manage the flow of the meeting? Is there a way to curb run-away conversation and silence? What does it mean to have silence at the meeting? Is there an affirmation, either in words or actions, from the substitute director that privacy is expected and respected at meetings?

7. What type of de-briefing support can the substitute director receive from the director after the meeting so that the substitute director has actually participated in a professional learning experience?

When daycare directors can open up to allow staff members to run director meetings a lot of information can be shared.

First the substitute director learns how much planning goes into creating a meeting and how difficult it can be, sometimes, working with people. She also begins to sense whether or not becoming a director is the correct career path for her.

Second, the director is able to see an employee in another role. Sometimes the director needs to help an employee see their own potential. It’s that dedication to professional growth that makes going to work both fun and exciting.

by Elaine Rexdale



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Getting Quality Education With Childcare Training

It is a fact that childcare training programs have been very essential in United States, as the rate of those both working parents here is consistently growing. This is why if you have a gift in child care, then you should enhance it by enrolling yourself to a university which offers a course that is related to child care. The things that are listed below are some of the ways of how to gain a quality education for child care specialization.

Universities Online

Nowadays, it isn’t that hard anymore to learn something as everything is on the internet. However, in order to get a degree and a license on childcare support, then you must study it first and undergo some training from an accredited university. There are accredited online universities which can offer you childcare training courses such as Child Development Associate degree. The great thing about this is that you can adjust your time to study and do other errands, because of the fact that online universities will offer you the chance to pick your own class schedule.

Requirements For CDA or Childcare Development Associate Degree

Most schools will really require applicants to submit their high school diplomas along with its transcript in order to take a childcare training course like a CDA degree. So if I were you, then you should prepare these things to finally have your degree. It’s better to be ready than not to.

Books And Other Materials Needed

You will be provided books, e-books and other things that you need upon registering yourself in to an online child care program. You will just be asked to pay the shipping cost and other fees for it. Therefore, you will not find it difficult anymore to have the required things that you need as it will be sent to you right away.

The Cost

Studying is a lot cheaper though online. In fact, the prices only range from $600 to $900 in enrolling and being trained into a child care program online. However, the prices might be even lower or it can be higher, it just depends on the online university.

The Benefits

Having a good childcare training from a reputable university definitely means more doors of getting more clients. This is the reason why you will enjoy the reasonable hourly pay rate of child care professionals. Not just that as you will also have the chance to help parents in taking care as well as training their children.

by Danielo Sanchez

The Best Places To Go To Download iPhone Games

If you want to download iPhone games, it is recommended that you know what to look out for when choosing iPhone downloading sites. You paid good money to get your hands on the popular iPhone so you better take good care of it and this means that you download only from the best sites.

There are so many iPhone downloading sites popping out almost every day. It is essential that you know which sites are great and which sites aren’t. Don’t get too excited over free downloading sites, neither should you shell out money so eagerly for membership sites. You need to know what these sites offer before you make your decision.

When you download iPhone games from free sites you are most probably downloading from a site that uploads games and other media illegally. These games and other media come from copyrighted materials. The fact that it is being offered for free is a knock off that cannot be ignored. On the other hand, going to pay sites or membership sites will do you a lot more good. The products offered in these sites are all done in legitimate ways. You are also assured of quality products that your iPhone deserves. Besides, when you download from quality sites, you get more than your money’s worth.

However, you shouldn’t only look at the cost to make you decide which is a good site or not. When picking out sites to download iPhone games, you should look at the variety of media being offered. A good site offers a lot of media ranging from games to music, video, software and more. Wouldn’t you want to pay for only one site and get everything that you need? Rather than paying for different sites to download several different things.

The download speed is also a crucial factor in deciding which site to sign up for to download iPhone games. Do avoid sites that have a download limit as these sites often have an unstable downloading speed. You won’t know the definite time your download will end.

Pay or membership sites offer different payment plans. You should look at these plans, compare them to other pay or membership sites and make your decision. Perhaps the site that proves very beneficial to you are those sites that require a fee once but lets you download as many times you want.

If you want to download iPhone games, you get more than you bargained for in pay or membership sites. Yes, you pay a certain amount of money but you get more than your money’s worth in downloads and services. Don’t risk downloading games that don’t run smoothly or carry a virus which you most often get at free sites. Go to sites that has the best reviews and testimonials.

To give your iPhone the best games it deserve, you can visit my website and find out more sites to download iPhone games.

by Davion Wong

3 Games for Teaching Empathy: Turning Kids Into Caring Children

Empathy is the act of understanding and feeling what another is experiencing. It includes sympathy, compassion, and identification. We observe the feelings of another with our eyes and ears. We respond with our hearts.

Experts say empathy is the cornerstone of character. Let’s find out how games can help you build empathy and character in your children.

First: Character Building with “Describe the Emotion”

When reading stories with pictures, ask your child to”Describe the Emotions” of the characters they see. Nap time and bedtime stories provide easy opportunities to help your kids observe and describe emotions.

Flip through the magazines in the doctor’s office to find expressive pictures for your children. It will pass the time and help your kids have fun too.

Recognizing feelings with facial pictures is a good step toward building character through empathy.

Second: Building Character with “Spot the Feeling”

When you and your kids are watching TV, play the game, “Spot the Feeling.” Tell your kids to “spot the feeling” during advertisements when they notice a character expressing an emotion. When someone answers, ask “How did you know?” Listen to and help them discuss their answers. Give high fives each time they identify and discuss a feeling.

By asking, “How do you know?” you’re helping your children to think more deeply about the cues the character in the advertisement is displaying.

This is what we want our children to notice when they see a classmate, friend, or uncool child who is sad, upset, or happy. Realizing others have feelings is a strong step toward empathy.

Third: Character Building with “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

Take turns with your child and make faces that express different emotions. Facial emotions might include anger, happiness, sadness, fear, shock, shame, surprise, nervousness, upset, silliness, or gratitude. Use the rhyme, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”:

“Mirror, mirror on the wall,

What’s my feeling?

Make your call.”

Give credit to answers that are close.

Ask, “How would you respond to someone with this facial expression?”

After your child gives some suggestions, it’s your child’s turn to say the rhyme, make the face, and ask, “How would you respond to someone with this facial expression?”

This game helps your child to think in terms of taking positive actions to respond to others’ feelings. Imagine how this game could help your child support a bullied student, ask a child why he’s crying, or figure out how to help a needy schoolmate.

Conclusion for Turning Kids into Caring Children

Kids love playing games with their parents. Why not have fun and teach them to care about others at the same time?

Start out with”Describe the Emotion” in storybooks and magazines. Use “Spot the Feeling” to access your children’s wisdom in recognizing someone’s feelings. Choose “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall” to teach your children to both identify feelings and help others in need.

Many experts name empathy as the cornerstone of character. Why not use games to build a solid foundation for empathy? If you do, you’ll be turning your children into caring people with strong characters.

by Jean Tracy

Family Feud – A Fun Game For Children Too

I was asked by Camp Med, a licensed day care program and summer camp sponsored by the City of South Pasadena, to give a presentation to our campers about the upcoming Summer Olympics, as I would be leaving for Beijing shortly to work on the Games. I thought if I just talk and the kids just listen, it could get kind of boring. So instead, I proposed an Olympic Family Feud.

The campers were divided into 4 groups. The winning group would each receive a prize. The way it worked is that I would ask a question and give one specific group a chance to respond. Unlike television Family Feud where only one person can participate, here anyone from the group could chip in. The team leader would then try to write down the best answer. If the answer was wrong, the question would move to the next group. If one group was noticeably weaker, they would get the easier questions.

What struck me is how engaged the kids got. You could see the wheels turning. They started thinking. They wanted to give the right answer. They wanted to win. They were having fun and so were the other counselors.

The questions asked required different skills, memory, reasoning and also listening (to what I had talked about throughout the summer). Due to the internet, it was very easy to come up with questions as multiple trivia, kids and information sites exist.

When I returned from the Olympics, the kids were very interested about my experience. It was as if the Olympic Family Feud had opened the door for them to be aware and interested in the Olympics. The event was such a success that we are following it up with a Halloween Family Feud. For Halloween Family Feud, more jokes and questions with an element of levity will be included. And there will be more questions that our younger kids can answer.

Attached are the questions (with answers) to both Family Feuds:

Olympic Family Feud

1. Where am I going tomorrow?


2. The J in Beijing, how is it pronounced?

As a z

3. How far away is Beijing from Los Angeles?

6300 miles

4. China is the 3rd largest country in the world. What is the largest country in the world?


5. What is the second largest country in the world?


6. Which country is expected to win the most medals at the Summer Olympics?


7. Where was the last Olympics?

Turin, Italy

8. Which country won the most medals at the Winter Olympics in Italy?

Germany (29)

9. The US won the second most medals. How many medals did the US win in Italy?


10. Who is shooting to win 8 Gold Medals and what sport is he in?

Michael Phelps, Swimming

11. Dara Torres is on the US Olympic Swimming team. How old is she?


12. Why have so many Swimming world records been recorded in the last couple of months?

The swimsuit: Speedo’s LZR Racer.

13. What women’s sport will no longer be in the Olympics after this year?


14. Why are some of the athletes not going to Opening Ceremonies?

To avoid the air pollution

15. What kind of work do I do at the Olympics?


16. Name this famous person I gave Olympic tickets to in Korea in 1988? Clue 1; He lives in California and is over 50. Clue 2: He’s been in science fiction movies. Clue 3: He received weightlifting tickets.

Arnold Schwarzennegger

17. Name this famous person I gave Olympic tickets to in Spain in 1992. Clue 1: He lives in California and is over 60. Clue 2: He was in 1 of the batman movies. Clue 3: He received basketball tickets.

Jack Nicholson

18. How many Olympics have I worked on?


19. Name a summer Olympic event that many find better to watch on tv than see in person?

Gymnastics, diving, water polo

20. Where will the next Olympics be?

Vancouver Canada

21. What year?


22. What country did the Olympic Games originate over 2700 years ago?


23. As a 12 year old boy, at the Mexico City Olympics, I was in attendance when Bob Beamon completely shattered a world record. He beat the previous world record by so much that Sports Illustrated named this 1 of the 5 greatest sports moments of the 20th century. What sport did he break the record in? Clue: It was in track & field.

Bob Beamon set a world record for the long jump with a jump of (29 ft. 2½ in.). It was one of the most astounding feats in the history of the Olympics. He shattered the record by more than 21 inches. It has since been called the perfect jump.

24. What Olympic moment did Sports Illustrated call the greatest sports moment of the 20th century? Clue: It happened at a Winter Olympics. Clue 2: It involved the United States

In 1980 at Lake Placid, a group of amateur & collegiate hockey players from the US defeated the best professional hockey team in the world, the Soviet Union, 4-3. This has since been named the Miracle on Ice.

Halloween Family Feud

1. What year did the first Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon appear?

1924? 500BC? 2004? 500BC? 1945? (this one) The Middle Ages?

2. Boris Karloff played what famous movie character?


3. What do you get when you cross Bambi with a ghost?


4. Bela Lugosi played what famous movie character?


5. How much does the world’s biggest pumpkin weigh? A: 245 pounds, B: 485 pounds, C: 685 pounds, D: 1,385 pounds (this one)

6.What famous movie character did Lon Chaney Jr. play. Clue: Michael J. Fox, also played this character.

The werewolf

7. According to those silly, scary movies, when do werewolves come out?

At Full Moons

8 What do birds give out on Halloween night?


9. Bodies that are wrapped in cloth and stored in tombs are known as what?


10. In folklore, a male witch is known as a?


11. As a Halloween treat, what chocolate candy bar do kids like best of all?


12. According to legend, which Halloween creature usually has all of the following: a unibrow, tattoos, and a long middle finger?

A: a werewolf (this one), B: a vampire, C: a witch, D: a golem

13. If you were to draw a witch, what specific item might you want to include on her face?


14. A number of famous Science-fiction and scary movies were filmed in South Pasadena, name 1:

o Back to the Future (1985)

o Back to the Future Part II (1989)

o Back to the Future Part III (1990)

o Halloween (1978)

o Halloween II (1981)

o Halloween: 25 Years of Terror (2006)

o Hell Night (1981)

o Jurassic Park III (2001)

o Prom Night (2008)

o Scream 2 (1997)

o Teen Wolf (1985)

o Terminator, The (1984)

15. What’s a monsters favorite dessert?


16. Name 1 of the 5 most popular Halloween costumes for kids last year (2007)?

Princess (10.7%)

Spider-Man (4.8%)

Pirate (4.7%)

Witch (4.2%)

Fairy (2.8%)

by Lony Ruhmann